Unconditional Love

The following blog-post will be written in English. How come? Well, I accidently dropped my phone to the ground a couple of weeks ago and it seemed as if the screen had made it, since there were no cracks in it. However, I quickly discovered that a large part of the screen now seems to be unresponsive, as if something did break, although I cannot see it. Therefore, I cannot write any Swedish letters on my cellphone right now since those parts of the screen are not responding. I do have a laptop that is purchased in the United States, so it does not have Swedish letters. So just to try something new out, I have decided to write this post in English instead of Swedish. I hope you guys can understand it.

I’ve been dating a girl from a class I’m in for like a week and-a-half. We’ve been on two dates so far and we’re going out again this weekend. On our first date we went to the mall, saw a movie and so on. Our second date was to the beach, which was cool since we went swimming and manatees came up to the beach while we were there 😍 As I said, were going out again this weekend, and I have been trying to find a low-cost option of something romantic to do, since my budget is very lean this month. My current idea is to have a picknick in Downtown Tampa, where there is like a park in the middle of the city, with skyscraper-surroundings etc.… The challenging thing with going on a picknick in Florida is beating the heat, so I hope it won’t be way too hot out that day. I’ll keep you guys posted on how it works out 😀

2 Pac - Unconditional Love 

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