Kentucky Fried Homework

School is going well, I suppose. I am passing all my classes right now. The biggest challenge that I am really facing is just keeping up with maintaining all the necessary paperwork and funds all the time. Honestly, there is not much free time after school since there is so many classes, homework assignments and so on that needs to be done, but I do try to enjoy my free-time as best as possible.

It’s hot down here in Florida right now…Very hot! I saw a passing truck spill some water on the asphalt and the water made that sound when it hits a hot frying pan, so yeah, that’s how hot it is.

The pictures you see in this post are from yesterday when I, during my lunch-break, went to KFC to eat and do homework. I love that about the United States: you can basically get any type of junk food super cheap in comparison to Europe. For instance, a meal at KFC in the United States costs $5, in comparison to a meal at a McDonalds in Sweden that’s going to cost one about $8-$9.

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